Guangxi Culture & Tourism

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    Carving Eggshell in a Climate of Caution

    From the Venus de Milo to Terracotta Warriors of the Emperor Qin (259BC-210BC), the art of carving, with a long history in China, features in so many forms

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    Lugu Lake: A Stunning Plateau Pearl With Unique Mosuo Culture

    With its green rippling waves and attractive scenery, Lugu Lake is reputed as the “plateau pearl” inlayed in the embrace of mountains

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    Kam Grand Choirs

    ​The origin of Kam Grand Choirs can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period (770- 221 BC) The choirs is divided into seven types, namely Drum Tower Choir, Grand ...

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    Zhuang Opera of Guangxi

    Guangxi is the town of song and opera Zhuang Opera is also named &Zhuang Drama &, which was developed on the basis of Zhuang folk literature, song and dance, and rap art Due to the differences in r...

A Magnificent Wonder of Nature in Leye
Guangxi, a famous tourist destination for its unique landform known as karst topography, is highly praised as the most beautiful place by many literary magnates There are not only tens of thousands of green hills towering into the sky, as well as crystal-clear rivers with the color of emerald, but also the little known “Tiankeng” (a Chinese term meaning karst doline) found in Leye County, Baise City, Guangxi A trip to Leye is worth if you are interested in mysteries since your childhood It is not exaggerating to say that traveling in Leye is like en...